August – Member Spotlight

Lewis Armenta

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself….

There’s a lot to tell, so where to begin…Between being born in LA, and HS Graduation from Norcross in ’87, I moved around a few times with the parents.  A couple different places in and around LA as a kid.  Around 8 we moved and lived a year in Denver – learned to snow ski, and shovel snow – yuck!  Spent the next 7 years in a small town in TX east of Dallas living on a lake – learned to water ski, played trombone & tuba in band, football, baseball, basketball and Boy Scouts all the things kids experience growing up.  We moved to Norcross with my Mom after my parents divorced, which was where her job with ATT took her.  Attended UGA after graduation; walked on and played deep snapper for a semester and stayed in school there for almost two years.  Sports and athletics have always seemed to be an integral part of my life.  After leaving UGA because I didn’t get in to their Business College, and didn’t want a liberal arts degree, I dropped out and joined the Army.  I served as a Morse Code interceptor in Berlin, Germany where I met my wife, and San Antonio before being awarded a “Green to Gold” Scholarship to return to college, finish my degree and return to the Army as an Officer.  I spent my first two years as a Platoon Leader commanding a unit of four M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks, a year as a Company Executive Officer and a year as Liaison Officer on Battalion Staff in the First Infantry Division – Or most historically know as The Big Red One.  After that, promotion to Captain and additional training and on to Fort Jackson, time on Brigade Staff, Company Command and more time on Brigade Staff.  In ’03 I resigned my Commission for some stability for the family to make my way in the Civilian world.  Ever since I’ve been working in Real Estate or Construction in one form or another.  I’m currently do consulting on construction projects so I can spend the majority of my time pushing my invention to the market place.

How long have you been a crossfitter?

My first WOD was in February of 2013 at Buford 30518.  I was pretty consistent (3-4 time a week) for about nine months until I got promoted in my job and moved to Chamblee to be closer to work – tired of commuting to Buckhead each day.  Didn’t get back in to it for about 10 months when 90 hour and sometimes 7 day work weeks put 30 pounds on me and had my BP over the moon.  That’s when Julia and I joined Thrive fitness in Brookhaven, October 2014.  Julia was hooked and we became each other’s motivation on those days – you know which ones I’m talking about.  Since then it’s been close to 5 days a week.

What did you do before Crossfit and why did you start? 

After the workouts and activity of sports through high school and college, there was the Army – they do a pretty good job of incenting one to stay in shape.  After leaving the Army in 2003 there was the feeble attempt to stay in shape, the rarely used gym memberships at LA Fitness and Golds.  The occasional jog, I might do few push-ups and sit-up now and again.  Let’s face it the extreme of my fitness intensity was the “sprint” to the fridge during a commercial break.

I first heard of Crossfit from a classmate in Grad School.  Sounded intriguing, but between a full-time job, two hour+ daily commute, grad school, and life – I didn’t make time.  It wasn’t until after returning from our MBA programs’ travels abroad that I found myself between jobs and having time to give to myself.  That’s when I showed up at Cameron’s gym and gave Crossfit a try.  I was hooked and the rest you know.

How long at CFG?  

It’ll be a year this Thanksgiving.

What is something we might not know about you? 

I started flying small airplanes when I was 13 and dreamed of strapping a jet fighter to my back and punching holes in the sky as a kid.  Sadly my vision failed me in high school.  I still hope someday to complete my pilot’s license and take to the sky.

What is your favorite workout song?

Honestly, I miss good ole Army Cadence’s, but now some 80’s rock or Hip-Hop with a thumpin’ beat gets me going.

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

A Bald Eagle – to soar the skies and NOT be shot at :)

What’s the last thing you read? 

Foreign Agent: A Thriller (Scot Harvath) by Brad Thor – Like me some spy/political thrillers

Why did you decide to join CFG and what keeps you coming back?

My buddy Cameron, who I met at Buford 30518 and worked with the past several years was here.  The people, the awesome coaching and the focus on overall health, wellness and fitness keeps me coming back, and of course Julia on those days. :)

What does the CFG Community mean to you? 

It’s about the only social outlet I got, so it means a lot.  If I’m not working at my desk alone at home these days, I’m at the gym working out.

What is your big goal for this year?

I want to get all my lifts over a 100 kg - Just snatches to go, and my weight under 100 kg – may never get there; these couches keep helping me pack on the muscle.  I suppose there’s worse problems to have.  

How do you treat yourself?

Historically not too well, but since getting involved with Crossfit, I am doing better.  My family has always been my first priority, but since they’re all abandoning me maybe it’s time to give me a little love.

Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year? 

I’ll be taking my invention to my first trade show this October.  It’s exciting and anxious all wrapped up in one.  But I got to go for it…don’t want to be one of those guys wondering what could have been.



Chris Spotts

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