Kelly Rexroad Williams


Hi! I have been physically active my entire life. I grew up playing the typical team sports but in high school I settled into cheerleading and was introduced to Olympic Lifting. I enjoyed the lifts so much that I still compete and now coach.  I have two degrees, one in Exercise Health Science and the other in Health & Physical Education. I am a State certified Health/PE Teacher and teach at Sugar Hill Christian Academy, where our son attends as well (he's in 3rd grade). I enjoy being at the gym and consider any gym a home away from home. I have been blessed to travel the world via weightlifting and love learning the many cultures first hand.

I coach because: I enjoy assisting people reach their Weightlifting goals.

My favorite exercise is: Snatch

The exercise I'm terrible at is: Long distance running...I consider anything over a mile long distance :) 

My favorite superhero is: All of them! They are all too awesome to pick just one.


  • Mother & wife, my family comes first, always



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