Chad Goff


 I’m 22 years old and I started have been doing Crossfit for about one and a half years. Before CrossFit I was doing the old bodybuilding type workouts and fell in love with CrossFit after the first day. I missed having that competitive aspect in sports and Crossfit filled that gap. I have always been involved in sports. I played basketball and baseball all through high school, but baseball is what I excelled at. Played varsity baseball for 3 years and after finishing high school I got some small scholarships to play college baseball. I do most of my Crossfit training at night and train 5 days a week. I attend University of North Georgia and also work for Century Fire Protection.

I Crossfit because

I do Crossfit not only because I love competing, but also because of the way it changes people’s lives. I look forward to training; it gives me a break from the stress life can bring. Crossfit is fun and I honestly believe this is for everyone.

I coach because

Seeing the smile of accomplishment on someone’s face after reaching a goal they had is one of the best feelings of being a coach. Knowing that you helped them accomplish something they never thought they could do is one of the best parts of being a coach. When someone walks into our gym it is a goal of mine to make sure that the time they spend in the gym is the best part of their day.

My best exercise is

My best exercise… I would say my number one exercise is pistols.

The exercise I’m terrible at is

The exercise I dislike the most would have to be thrusters without a doubt.

My favorite superhero is

My favorite superhero is definitely Thor.. Not only is he jacked and shredded, but his hair is where he gets his strength.




Chris Spotts

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