Sitting is Killing You: Pt 2


Posted On: 02/28/2017 by Caleb Williams
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Last week we covered some basics of how sitting can affect our lives on a daily and long term basis. 

If you missed it, catch up HERE

Over the next month we are going to take Wednesday's and lay out some guidelines to preventing and solving some of the problems associated with sitting too much. This can be a very complex topic, but we want to give you some easily applied and effective tools to use regardless of your current condition, fitness level or pain level. 

First, let's take a brief look at some of the consequences of sitting too much. Why would be even want to sit less? 

Sitting too many hours in a day with no counteractive plan will lead to poor posture. Chronic poor posture will lead to a rounded spine, which will look like a C, instead of an S, when you look at it from the side. Your spine is the foundation of your movement, mechanics and health...take care of it! 

You will eventually loose your normal range of motion, end up with diaphragm dysfunction, could end up with numbness and tingling in your arms and hands, headaches, back and jaw pain, and more! 


The first small thing we want you to work on doing is to reduce optional sitting in your life. That's it for the first challenge. 

For this upcoming week, attempt to sit only when necessary. We know we all still have kitchen tables, we have to drive or fly, but we can remove some substantial amounts of down time in our days. 

Work is a huge opportunity for change. If you can switch to a standing desk, at least part of the day, do it! Just throw a box on your desk and stand up for a little bit if you need to! 

When at home, sit on the floor instead of the couch while watching TV or playing with the kids. 

If you are forced to sit all attention to your positions and mechanics! We will cover that next week. 

Until then...get up and move! 



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