This Week's Training Outline!


Posted On: 01/01/2017 by Christian Davila
Post Type: WOD


Back Squat- 5x3 @80-90%


2min on/4min off x3

-12 ub Wall Balls

-6 Burpees



Strict Press- 5x3 @80-90%


5 Rounds

-Run 200m

-2 Wall Walks

-12 Goblet Squats



4 Sets:

-AMRAP Ring Pullups(-2) w/ 2 sec hold

-Max Bottom of Pushup Hold


10min AMRAP

-5 Power Snatches (P: 52/35 F: 42/30)

-10 Push-ups

-15 DU



4 Sets:

-30 Sec Ring Plank

-30 Sec Dbl KB Front Rack Carry

-30 Sec Wall Sit w/ Med Ball


5x 400m Row @ :07 under 2k split

Rest 2-3min



Bench Press- 4x1 @93-98%


24min EMOM

Min 1: 8 KBS + 8 Box Jumps (P: 32/24 F:24/16)

Min 2: 3 Full Snatches @ 70%

Min 3: :12 Bike Sprint + 8 T2B

Min 4: 7 Ring Dips (H: Ring Push-ups)



With A Partner:


3 Rounds

-30 Cleans (43/30)

-30 Pull-ups

-Run 800m 



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