10/30/14 Thursday

Halloween Party tonight at 6:30!

Skillz Practice- 15 minutes to work on Kipping/Butterfly Pullups.

*This is time to work with a coach on the technique of the kip or butterfly depending on your skill level. We are not trying to do 200 pull-ups in 15 minutes but more so quality reps. Take your time and get some good reps in and encourage others who are learning as well.

WOD: “Funtastic”

30 Cal on Assault Bike
Rest 90 sec
30 Cal Row
Rest as needed then do another round

*This is another sprint! You should not be strolling through the park on the bike or chilling down the river in the row, you should getting after it like a bandit! The goal here is to get your heart rate up on the bike then have a short rest then go hard on the row giving it everything you’ve got. Then you rest however long you need to in order to give another 100% effort. Don’t slack CFG!

10/29/14 Wednesday


Deadlift- 5×5 @70%

*Back to deadlifts heck yeah! Most of you still have a 1rm so we will work from that today and if you don’t then we can take a guess. These reps will be touch and go so you will not be resting the bar on the ground at all. Once you pull the first rep you will lower the weight and tap the ground and come right back up for the next rep.

Wod- 5 Rounds

-Run 200m

This one can get spicy if you let it and that’s exactly what we want. Go to “that place” we talk about. The runs should be controlled but still decently fast, but not too fast because once you get inside we want you to go straight to your HSPU and knock them out unbroken if possible. Pick a progression for the HSPU that you can breeze through pretty quick or else you’ll be staring at the wall for 5 minutes which is a no-no for this wod. Get after it!

10/28/14 Tuesday

Nice job maxing out everyone! We loved seeing you guys hit PR’S!

Power Jerk: 3×10 AHAP

*This will be practice to help you guys with shoulder to overhead wods. A coach will demo these in class but we want these to be touch and go as fast as you can.

WOD: Double Tabata

- Wall Balls
– Burpees

Another Tabata! This one will not be alternating though, you will complete one full tabata of wall balls then another tabata of burpees without any rest in between. Go hard! This will teach you how to pace in wods and build work capacity.

10/27/14 Monday


-Halloween party this Thursday at 6:30! Be there in your costume and we are asking some people to bring their best chili recipe for everyone to feast on so let’s see what you guys got!

20 Minutes to Find Max Snatch

20 Minutes to Find Max Clean and Jerk

*Today is the day you’ve been training for. The only thing we will do today is lift heavy weights. You will have plenty of time to warmup and get after some PR’S! Get rowdy on your lifts and do the same for everyone else’s lifts. If you lifted in the meet this past weekend and didn’t get the PR you wanted then you can lift again. If you are satisfied with how you did then a coach will give you a wod to do. Get after it CFG!

Friday 10/24/14


Strength: Strict press

- 4×2 at 90%

*Tips and demo will be given in class. 

WOD: 21-15-9

- Empty bar thrusters

- Toes to bar

- Push ups

*Whenever you see 21-15-9 expect it to be fast. You should strive to go unbroken and usually the round of 15 reps is the hardest. Once past that round you only have 9 more reps in each movement so go to that place and finish strong! 

Thursday 10/23/14


Core work: 3 rounds

- 20 Russian twist (15/10)

- 20 Second Handstand hold

*Work at your own pace this is not for time. On the handstand hold remember to keep your body in the hollow position and to look straight out keeping your head in the neutral position. 


- Buy in of 20 Calories on the assault bike

- 250m row

- 25 double unders

- Sprint 200m

*This one is supposed to be fast! You should go 100% from the beginning. It will hurt a little, but it won’t last long. Don’t stop the to rest, go from movement to movement and give the WOD the bizness!