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Olympic Weightlifting

On the Platform Seminars

On The Platform seminars offers and at length, in-depth look into the snatch and clean and jerk. Over the course of the seminar, attendees will learn the necessary foundational elements of the lifts and further put those elements to practice.

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January 29 2015

1-30-15 Friday

Coach Jake giving a fake demo to an evening class... 1. Warmup2. Clean Complex: Find 1RM in 15 Minutes     -Clean/Front Squat/Hang Clean/Front Squat ...
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Jal and Nicole Peruchini

Jal and Nicole are a WODerful couple and have been part of our community for 2 years! They have come a long way and we long having them at the gym! Let’s get to know them more…

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself….

N: I'm Nicole Peruchini and I work at Lakeside OB/GYN and I am also a bartender at Aqua Terra

J: I'm Jalerie Peruchini and I own All Purpose... Continue Reading >>