10/21/14 Tuesday


Strength: Front squat

- Clean and jerk max for 3×1 on front squats

*Today we are going to hit 3 singles at our clean and jerk max. Want to focus on accelerating out of the hole and moving the weight fast. 

WOD: 3 rounds

- 5 Chest to bars

- 10 Power snatches (50/35)

Run 400m

*This WOD is a similar version as the one Coach Chad did in his competition. There is a picture of how he felt after finishing it. This is only for 3 rounds so the chest bars should be unbroken and the runs should be short; however, when doing the snatches be smart on how to break them up. If you can go unbroken every round then do so, but think of sets like 4-3-3 so that you do not end up hitting singles in the 3rd round. 

10/20/2014 Monday


Strength: Clean and Jerk

- Slowly work up to 60% for 3×1

*This is the last week leading up to our meet this weekend. We hit our 1 rep max last week so now we are going to focus on technique. We are not going to be lifting anywhere near our 1 rep max this week. We want to stay light and make sure we are moving the bar fast.

WOD: 20 min AMRAP

- 10 Power Jerks (60/40)

- 15 Burpees

- 20 Box jumps (24/20)

*This WOD is for 20 minutes, we do not want to go as fast as we can in the beginning. The goal is to stay around 70-80% and stay there till we get near the end. You do not want to burn out. This is a good way of finding out how fast you can really move and to learn what your pace is. 

10/17/14 Friday


Push Press- 7×2 AHAP

We want 7 solid heavy sets of doubles so don’t count your light warmup sets as part of your 7. You should be hurting on the last set so don’t be afraid to slap some weights on.

WOD- 14 Min EMOM

-Even min: 5 Shuttle Sprints

-Odd min: 15 Kettlebell Snatches (24/16)

TIPS: The 5 shuttle sprints should be SPRINTS. Get after these, work on your change of direction skills and knock these out as fast as possible so you have more time to rest before the next minute. On the KB snatches you can break these up however you want. You can do all 15 on one arm in the same minute and just alternate each round or you can split them into something like an 8-7 rep scheme. The goal is to do the work as fast as possible within the minute, not take the whole minute to do the work.

10/16/14 Thursday

5:30 A.M. class getting after it!

5 sets :

- 3-way band pull aparts 10 reps
– 15 sec L-sit hold
– 10 pistols

This is not for time so don’t rush through the movements. Make you are focusing on good technique with everything. On the band pull aparts make sure your scaps are retracted the whole time. On the L-sit holds you might have to scale down to make sure you have good form keeping your legs straight. And the pistols this is good practice for when we do them in wods so I want you guys to try something progression that is a little harder than you normally would do.

WOD – Jog 1 Mile

Yeah you read that right, I said JOG! We have spent the last 6 weeks or so really sticking it to you guys with the amount of heavy lifting and hard wods so today you get a break from pain. Treat this mile as a recovery run as you should never get out of breath. This is to flush some of the lactic acid built up in your legs from the past 3 days of maxing out. Do not try to PR your mile time unless you just haven’t showed up all week.

10/15/14 Wednesday


Clean and Jerk- 2@80% 1@85% 1@90% 1@95% 1@100%

Same goes today as they did on Monday with the snatches. Take your warming up and get your mind right for that 100% today!


-7 Power Cleans (60/40)

-7 Toes to Bar

-7 Ring Rows

TIPS: We would like to see these power cleans unbroken for as long as possible along with the toes to bar and ring rows. If the ring rows all the way down are too easy then you can put your feet on a box to make them supine ring rows.

10/14/14 Tuesday


Throwback training in Steve’s garage!

Back Squat- Find a 1-Rep Max!

This is the day all of you heavy hitters have been waiting for. We will give you guys plenty of time to loosen the legs up and get warmed up. Warmup slowly but don’t do too many reps building up to your max or else your legs will be too tired. Make sure to keep your chest up, squat deep, and drive out of the whole fast! Let’s hit some PR’s!

WOD- 2 Rounds

- Run 400m

- 25 Situps

- 15 Kettlebell Swings (30/24)

Tips: It’s only two runs so don’t be afraid to push the pace a little bit. This wod should feel like a sprint so you need to be moving fast. Knock out the sit-ups as fast as you can and try to do the 15 swings unbroken.

10/13/14 Monday

CFG team “The Biz” took first place yesterday at the Southeast Showdown! Great job guys!

Snatch: 2@85% 2@90% 1@95% 1@100%

We are two weeks out from maxing out so this will be your last day snatching heavy until then. Take all of these lists seriously and try to have no misses and get used to the heavy weight. Get your mind right and crush it!

WOD: For Max Reps

2 Min Max Box Jumps (24/20)
2 Min Max Wall Balls
2 Min Max Burpees

Tips : This wod is short so there should be minimal rest especially between movements. There will no prescribed rest so you have to be quick with your transitions.

10/10/14 Friday


Robyn crushing some kipping pull-ups!

Power Jerk: 3-3-3-3-3

*These should be performed touch and go reps. This will carry over to WODs where you have to do many reps over shoulder to overhead. This is 5 heavy sets of 3 reps so make sure you do not count your light warmup sets into the 5 total sets.  

WOD- 12-9-6-3

  • Power Cleans (50/35)
  • Pistols
  • HSPU

*Tips: With this being a descending rep-scheme you can push yourself pretty hard each round. On the power cleans we want you to choose a weight that you can cycle touch and go reps with ease. So don’t be hard-headed and struggle doing singles or else you won’t hit the stimulus we want and this WOD will suck worse than it should. Pistols are a very complicated movement that take great flexibility and strength so be sure to warmup properly on these and have the coach show you how to scale them. Break up the handstand pushups EARLY! Unless you are a HSPU wizard and can do 30-40 unbroken then it will benefit you to break these up into manageable sets from the first round on. Once your shoulders fatigue on HSPU life gets a lot harder. Don’t worry about trying to do unbroken until you make it to the last round or two.