12/18/14 Thursday


Bench Press- Find 1RM

Oooh kill em! Have a little fun with this and talk some trash, you too ladies!

WOD- Death by Burpees

-Increase by 2 each round starting with 2

In death by Burpees you will preform the work like an EMOM. The workout starts with two burpees the first minute, you rest until the next minute and hit four burpees that minute. You will climb the ladder until you cannot finish the prescribed reps within that minute.

12/17/14 Wednesday


Deadlifts- 3×10 AHAP

These will all be touch and go reps. Start between 50-60% of your best Deadlift and go up from there depending on how each set feels.

WOD- 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

-Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

This is a high rep for HSPU which means it would be easy to hit failure with having the combo of Kettlebell swings with them. Choose a scale that appropriately fits you moving fast and close to unbroken. The swings are prescribed light so be sure to stay light and fast on those as well.

12/16/14 Tuesday


Split Jerk + Overhead Squat- 6×2 AHAP

This complex here will be to work on stability and flexibility while working on your technique in the split jerk. A coach will go over the technique for the overhead squat with a   close grip. This movement will be extremely difficult for some of you who lack the flexibility in the shoulders right now but getting as deep as possible will help increase mobility so do whatever weight your body allows.


-16 One Arm KB Push Press (24/16)

-12 Box Jumps

Eight minutes isn’t too long for a workout so get after it a little bit. It definitely won’t hurt like yesterday did if you came. On the KB presses you have to do 8 reps on each arm so switch when you get to 8 reps. Choose a weight you can pretty much do unbroken so that you can stay moving the whole time instead of standing around looking beat up.

12/15/14 Monday


Back Squat- 3×5 @85%

Hitting some heavy sets of five today, it should be fun! Warm-up properly to 85% and hit 3 sets at that weight. These sets should be tough so make sure you rest about 2 minutes between sets.

WOD- 3 Rounds

-Run 400m
-10 Full Cleans (50/30)
-20 Push-ups

On this wod we want a pretty fast pace so pick a weight you can move quick. You don’t have to necessarily touch and go the reps but the weight fast. Also be sure to scale the push-ups if necessary to move fast as well.

12/12/14 Friday


-Christmas Party is tomorrow at 5pm!
-Streetwise gifts due under the tree by the Christmas party.

Clean and Jerk- 4×1 @90% or more

Heavy Friday! Today we will work up to 90% of your max and if you feel good you may go above 90% but if you just want to work on technique the heavier weight then stay there.

WOD- 6 Min Amrap

-5 Push Press (60/40)
-10 Box Jumps (24/20)

Today we have a short little burner. It’s only did minutes long so you can move at a pretty fast pace. Choose a weight you can stay unbroken on for the push press and make sure to stay fast on the box jumps.

12/11/14 Thursday


-Christmas Party is in two days! Starts at 5pm and make sure you bring some sort of dish a gift for bingo. Also write on the board at the gym what kind of beer/wine you guys like so we can provide it.

Mobility Time!

-20 Minutes to work on mobility. This will not be a free-for-all, the coach will lead the stretches and hit every body part plus give you guys to roll out some tight areas that might be troubling you.

WOD- 100 Calorie Assault Bike Challenge

-Grab a partner and complete the challenge we gave you guys to do this week. If you have already completed the challenge then you will do a different short workout.

Alternate WOD- “Squat Isabel”

This is the benchmark wod, 30 snatches for time but you have to full snatch each rep. Have fun!

12/10/14 Wednesday


-Christmas Party this Saturday at 5pm.
-Streetwise Christmas presents due by Christmas party.

Deadlift- 3×3 @80%

We are hitting some heavy deadlifts today, booya! These triples can be touch and go if you like or you can drop each rep. You will warmup properly to 80% then hit your sets on your own. Rest at least 90 seconds in between sets.

WOD- 3 Rounds

-30 Lunges
-15 Ring Dips
-12 Weighted Sit-ups

This is a little gymnastics wod today. This wod can be done very fast if you are proficient at ring dips. We will go over technique on all of these before starting so that you guys can choose what scale you may need for this wod.

December Member Spotlight!

This month’s member spotlight is a power-couple… Jal and Nicole Peruchini! Nice job guys keep it up!

Jal and Nicole are a WODerful couple and have been part of our community for 2 years! They have come a long way and we long having them at the gym! Let’s get to know them more…

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself….

N: I’m Nicole Peruchini and I work at Lakeside OB/GYN and I am also a bartender at Aqua Terra

J: I’m Jalerie Peruchini and I own All Purpose Construction Solutions

How long have you been a crossfitter? 

J&N: I have been doing cross fit for 2 years

How long at CFG?

N: 2 years

J: I’ve been at CFG for 2 years.

What was your first impression of crossfit and what was your first workout?

N: I was scared! I did The cherry.

J: The cherry was my first workout. I under estimated how hard it was going to be in the beginning!

Why did you decide to begin Crossfit?

N: My husband started a month before me and wanted me to try iit because he liked it so much.

J: I had some friends that were doing Crossfit and they convinced me to try it.

What is your favorite exercise? Least favorite?

N: My favorite is any workout with snatches, kettlebell swings or power jerks! Least favorite are wallballs or burpees.

J: Favorite is rowing and least favorite is running.

What is your favorite “healthy” food or recipe?

N: Grilled chicken salad

J: I don’t really eat very healthy but I guess it would be steak and chicken and rice.

What do you eat on your cheat meal?

N: Mexican food

J: Pizza

What are some of your goals for this year?

N: To get into running more and butterfly pull-ups

J; To get stronger and get better and double unders

What difference has the CFG experience made in your life?

N: Its challenged me in so many different ways. I never could have imagined that I would be doing Olympic lifts or lifting as much weight as I have.

J; It has made me try to be healthier.

Have you tried any Crossfit competitions, races, etc?

J; I did a weight lifting competition a the gym.

N; I did deadlift for dollars and a weight lifting competition.


12/9/14 Tuesday


Push Press- 7×1 Heavy

We are going for some heavy singles on push press today. It is not necessarily a max out day because if you want to you could do all 7 sets at 95% if you wanted to really build some strength. But if the weight feels light as you warm up then go for a PR. Even if you PR you have to make sure that you compete 7 heavy sets.

WOD- EMOM 10 Min

-3 Squat Clean Thrusters (50/30)
-4 Burpees over the bar

Here is a fun one for you guys. Barbell with burpees gotta love it! You will choose a weight on the squat clean thruster where you can do 3 reps touch and go or else your burpees will suffer. You should try to compete each round as fast as possible so that you get more time to rest before the next minute rolls around.