Shout out to Jake Stephens!

You have always heard that Crossfit changes lives and this is proof that it does! Jake comes in and goes 100% everyday and pushes himself and others around him all the time without any complaints. Not only has Crossfit changed his life, but he has also changed a lot of other peoples lives as well with inspiration and motivation! Proud of you Jake!     Below is a interview with Jake!

Thursday 9/25/14


Terrell just striking a pose…

HSPU 2 rounds: ladder by 2’s, hit 2 Handstand pushups then shake it off, hit 4 and repeat till failure. After doing 2 rounds rest a “little” then go for a max set! (if going up by two is hard then go up by 1)

The fun part! 3 rounds rest 1:1

Run 200m

10 pistols

Run 400 m

10 pistols

Saturday 9/27/14


The day has come! Partner WOD!

Both partners must complete 4 rounds. One partner does the whole round then the other partner does a complete round until you both do 4.

- 10 Front squats (50/30)

- 10 Box jumps (24/20)

- 10 Pull ups