11/22/4 Saturday


With a Partner:

5 rounds for time

-10 Power snatches (50/30)
-10 Lateral Burpees
-200m Run

Partner Fun! In this wod you guys will split the reps including the runs…. So yes that means one partner will run 3 and the other will run 2. You guys can rock, paper, scissors for whoever runs the 3. Pick a weight on the snatches you can move really quick. Have fun with your partner and get after it!

11/21/14 Friday



Bowling is tonight at 7:30 at Oasis! Bring friends and family!

Clean and Jerk Efficiency Test:

EMOM 5 Minutes

-2 Reps @80%

When the clock hit 5:00:

-2 Min AMRAP of Clean and Jerks @80%

Same goes as last week with the snatches. Now I will go ahead and say that you won’t have as much time to rest in between minutes since the clean and jerks will take longer. Also you probably won’t be able to get as many reps in the AMRAP as you did with the snatches. 


-5 Shuttle Runs

-15 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

Another quick one this week. The shuttle run are counted as Down and Back being ONE rep. So work on turning in both directions when making cuts to work on your change of direction skills. Kettlebell swings should try to be unbroken as long as possible. On this WOD shoot for about 5 Rounds.

Happy Friday and see you guys at Bowling!

11/20/14 Thursday


-Tomorrow night at 7:30 we are bowling at Oasis!

Skillz- 5 sets for Quality

- 5 HSPU
- 10-30 Double Unders

This is a good time to perfect some skills we’ve been hammering lately in wods. These 5 rounds will not be done fast so take your time and work on some tough progressions. For HSPU do whatever progression that will force you to struggle a little bit with 5 reps. On the double unders you are practicing technique. If you are not very good at double unders yet then try 10 reps each round, if you are good at double unders then do closer to 30 reps and perfect that technique.

WOD- With a Partner
-Row 1k
Rest 1 min
-Row 800m
Rest 1 min
-Row 600m
Rest 1 min
-Row 400m
Rest 1 min
-Row 200m

This is straight endurance work so we want you to push the pace a little bit to build some good cardio. We want you guys to split these in half with your partner so that partner 1 rows and 500m then partner 2 rows a 500m and so on. The last two rounds should be all out efforts.

11/19/14 Wednesday


Deadlift- 6 Min EMOM

- 2 Reps @80% 

Drop each rep from the top and reset for the next pull. These are NOT touch and go reps. You will pull these from a dead stop. This should be some pretty heavy work so warmup properly and be sure to keep good form when you feel fatigued. If you start to fail reps or your technique is thrown off then we will take some weight off to a more manageable weight to finish out the EMOM.

WOD- 6 Rounds

-5 Clean and Jerks (45/25)

-6 Strict Pullups

-7 Wall Balls

This WOD might look long by the fact that it is 6 rounds but it can be done within just a few minutes if done perfectly. We have made the CJ Rx weight extremely light so we want to see as many unbroken reps as possible. Do NOT try to go heavy on the CJ or you will not get the stimulus we want you guys to get. Strict pull-ups will be great for some of you but others will have to scale accordingly. If you are really close to performing strict pull-ups in a WOD then you can use a small band. Otherwise I would like to see people doing supine ring rows as those will build strength of the pull-up more than a big band. Finally the wall balls are way less reps than last week’s set of them so you should have no trouble with these. Have fun CFG!

11/18/14 Tuesday


Push Press- 8×3 AHAP

Work up to a relatively heavy set of 3 reps, somewhere around 70% then start counting your sets. Get 8 good work sets in and go as heavy as you can. Technique will be demoed in class by a coach.


-4 Burpees

-6 Toes to Bar

-8 Goblet Squats (24/16)

This a really short workout so we want to see close to 90-95% intensity for about 4 minutes then really push towards 100% that last minute. The burps should be knocked out quick along with the toes to bar. You should choose a lighter kettle bell for the goblet squats. You should be able to get more than three rounds so scale accordingly so that you can move fast through each movement.

Van “The Vanimal” Moore Spotlight!


This month the CFG Spotlight shines on the Van-imal! Van is an inspiration and friend to us all….he just competed in his first Weightlifting Competition and has aspirations to compete on the Masters national Weightlifting stage! Lets get to know him more…

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself….

Van Moore born in Dahlonega, Georgia, August 16, 1954.  My stepfather was an officer in the Army, and I moved all over the county as well as spending some time in South America.  I was in the Navy for four years, and when I got out I went to the School of Forest Resources at the University of Georgia.  I am a register Forester and Certified Arborist. I have worked for the Georgia Forestry Commission, Forsyth County and a couple of landscape companies.   Currently I own my own business and provide services as a consulting Arborist/Forester.  I have always enjoyed the outdoors, and most of the things I do for entertainment are outdoor activities. I have a sail boat on Lake Lanier, and one of my favorite vacations is traveling to different location and renting a sail boat for a week and sailing around.  I also like hiking, camping and bicycling.

How long have you been a crossfitter? 

I have been a Crossfitter for about 2 years and 9 months.

How long at CFG?

I have been with CFG for about a 1 ½ years.

What was your first impression of crossfit and what was your first workout?

My first impression of Crossfit was that it was the hardest workout I ever had.  I do not remember my first workout, but I do remember the first stretching exercise.  It was the couch stretch, and I could not believe how much it hurt.

Why did you decide to begin Crossfit?

I decided to start Crossfit when I was going on a trip and needed to get in shape fast.

What is your favorite exercise? Least favorite?

Back squat is probably my favorite exercise and thrusters are my least favorite.

What is your favorite “healthy” food or recipe? 

Grilled salmon is my favorite healthy food.

What do you eat on your cheat meal?

Any time I go out and get a full course meal (drinks, appetizers, main course and desert) that is a cheat meal, but when it is Mexican food, I do the most damage.

What are some of your goals for this year?

I would like to be able to clean jerk 80 kg and snatch 60 kg within the next year.

What difference has the CFG experience made in your life?

CFG has made it easier to come and workout.  The staff and members are great and I enjoy seeing and talking to them.

Have you tried any Crossfit competitions, races, etc?

No Crossfit competitions, but I participated in the weight lifting competition a few week back.

Dogs or Cats? 

We have one dog named Wages.

Who is your favorite Super Hero?

The members of the United States Military Special Forces


11/17/14 Monday


Ilya Ilyin (-105kg) clean and jerking 242kg/533# for a new World Record and a gold medal this past weekend in the World Weightlifting Championships. This win leaves him still undefeated in international competition.


-This Friday the 21st at 7:30 we will meet at Oasis in Buford to get our bowling on!

Back Squat- 2×80% 1×87.5% 2×82.5% 1×90% 2×85% 1×92.5%

These are waves we will doing for the back squats today. They will be in doubles and singles. We want you guys to stick to the percentages off of your max or this will not work how we want it to. This is not the time to go for a PR but we are training our body to squat well under heavy weights so by increasing the weight after each wave will make you stronger.

WOD- 3 Rounds

-50 Double Unders

-10 HSPU

-200m Run

*Rest 1 Minute*

We will be hitting some interval work today. We have some built-in rest for you guys after each round so this means that we would like to see a faster pace in every round than you would normally do in a regular WOD. Everything should be done with a sense of urgency. You should be attempting to do your double under and handstand pushups unbroken and then take off for that 200m run in more of sprint than just a jog. Push yourself at the end of each run since you get a minute to catch your breath again.